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For over 18 years, our lawyers have been helping to keep families and loved ones together. Today, we provide a full spectrum of immigration law services, including removal and deportation defense, visas, adjustment of status, naturalization and many other kinds of relief under U.S. immigration laws.

At The Law Offices of Suzanne L Capriotti, LLC, we do the legal work so that you don’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing in immigration court or omitting relevant, material facts in your filings. Suzanne L. Capriotti has appeared countless times in immigration court. She has the experience to maximize your eligibility for relief under immigration laws.

Our Attorney

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Results And Respect

Most clients of The Law Offices of Suzanne L Capriotti, LLC, are referrals. That is a testament to the loyalty and trust we have garnered. From the moment you contact us, we try to form a personal connection with you. We are easy to reach when you have questions. We also offer Spanish language fluency.

We believe that everyone should be treated with respect and dignity, and we are fortunate to live in a country where the laws equal rights. However, that’s not the case in every country. Under some governments, certain groups of people are offered no protection. Fortunately, immigration protections may be available to those who have been persecuted, abused or abandoned.

This is why we practice immigration law. We want to protect your new life in the United States, to keep families together and to improve your quality of life. In a nutshell, we approach immigration rights as a human rights issue.

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