Green Cards

Helping You Become A Permanent Resident

Although the green card application may seem straightforward, USCIS requires specific documentation before issuing you a permanent resident card. Even small errors in your application might result in delays or more serious consequences. This is one reason why clients seek out the immigration services of The Law Offices of Suzanne L Capriotti, LLC. There is just no substitute for the peace of mind that comes with having an experienced immigration attorney on your side.

The green card application process varies depending on the category of your green card application. Eligibility may be present through a family relationship, your employment or if you are a victim.

Exploring All Of Your Options For Green Card Eligibility

The most expedient green card process involves an immediate family member, who is also a U.S. citizen, filing a petition on your behalf. Other types of green card applications are more involved. If your relationship is to an extended family member, for example, there is an annual quota on the number of green cards issued. Approval depends on that availability, as well as timing of your application and preference categories that USCIS assigns to your application according to relationship classifications. USCIS also issues a limited number of employment-based green cards each year using a preference classification system.

Immigrants who are the victims of U.S. Citizens or permanent residents may also be eligible to apply for a green card. Other categories of immigrants who may be eligible to apply for a green card include special immigrant juveniles, refugees or asylees (those who fear persecution in their native countries), human trafficking and crime victims, and victims of domestic or other abuse. Congress created the domestic abuse category through special legislation called the Violence Against Women Act. Keep in mind that men who are the victims of abuse may also be eligible to apply for relief under VAWA. Our law firm has taken special pride in helping several clients apply for protection under VAWA.

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