Committed To Immigrant’s Rights

At The Law Offices of Suzanne L Capriotti, LLC, our commitment to immigrant rights means comprehensive advocacy. We take the time to listen to your story and understand your situation. You may initially come to us with a question about a specific immigration issue. However, we evaluate your eligibility for every available relief under immigration laws. Together, we find the legal strategy that is best suited to the needs of you and your loved ones.

Practice Areas

Overview Of Deportation Law And Relief

If facing removal proceedings, you need an attorney.

Special Immigrant Juvenile Visas

New immigration laws help juvenile immigrants.

Green Cards

We advise on petitions for permanent legal residence.

Seeing Immigration Rights In Context Of The Whole Person

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Many immigration clients come to The Law Offices of Suzanne L Capriotti, LLC, as referrals. That says a lot about the quality of our client care. We act quickly and strategically, pursuing all potential relief even when under time pressure. In fact, many of our clients already have a pending matter in immigration court when they reach out to us.

Regardless of the legal circumstances, we treat every client with respect and compassion. Whether you are proactively inquiring about an adjustment of status for permanent residence, seeking naturalization, applying for a visa or facing removal or deportation proceedings in immigration court, you can count on us to provide experienced and compassionate legal advocacy.

We Have The Legal Experience You Can Trust

Although you can obtain and even file certain applications online with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, even a small mistake might jeopardize your family’s future. For example, you may know someone who obtained the immigration relief you are seeking, even one small difference in your factual backgrounds might result in a different outcome.

Fortunately, you have the right to be represented by an attorney at immigration proceedings. Our Maryland immigration law firm has been fighting for immigrant rights for over 15 years. That experience translates into your peace of mind. We evaluate your situation to determine whether you might qualify for other relief under immigration laws, such as political asylum.

Helping Victims Of Abuse Or Neglect

Attorney Suzanne L. Capriotti is also committed to helping victims utilize protections that might be offered under immigration law. Victims of domestic violence might qualify for relief under the Violence Against Women Act of 1994, regardless of your citizenship status. Minor children who can’t reunite with their parents might qualify for special immigrant juvenile visas. At the The Law Offices of Suzanne L Capriotti, LLC, we fight hard to protect immigrants from abuse in these situations.

Get Your Immigration Questions Answered

If you need experienced legal advocacy or answers to tough questions about immigration law, the The Law Offices of Suzanne L Capriotti, LLC, can help. We represent clients in Baltimore, Gaithersburg, throughout greater Maryland, and in Virginia. We also have Spanish language fluency. To schedule a consultation about your immigration rights, contact us online or call 240-720-7714.